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Using Super Shakes for Health Maintenance

Flowood native Bucky Stewart has an incredibly healthy story that began a few years back. Although his health story didn’t begin with Super Shakes, he has successfully used Super Shakes to continue and maintain his healthy lifestyle. 

How a Man Changed His Health and is on Track to Lose 200 Pounds in a Year

“A diet is when you need to lose 10 pounds before a wedding in two months. Where I was at was that I needed to think long-term; I needed to change my life, said Chris. “Not only have I changed mine, I’ve helped to change my family’s health and lives as well. Super Shakes has played a role in that and it doesn’t hurt to leave with a Bible verse either.”

How This Entrepreneur Lost 92 Pounds With Super Shakes

“Danny’s health journey began in March of 2018 and, since then, he’s lost over 92 pounds; only a couple pounds shy from reaching his Christmas goal of 100 pounds of weight loss. Sounds incredible, right? That’s because it truly is.”

A Dive Into Some Super Shakes Facts: Round 2

If you’re new to the Super Shakes Eat Different blog, welcome! There are many posts on our blog – success stories, at-home recipes, and more - so feel free to explore. If you’re a regular reader, welcome back! We are thrilled to have you walk alongside all of us at Super Shakes as we encourage each other to Eat Different each day and make better food choices.

Meet Marlee: A Working Mother’s Super Shakes Story

“I stumbled upon Super Shakes a year ago when my best friend knew that I was in search of a meal replacement shake that didn’t taste so ‘proteiny,’ although I don’t know if that’s even a word,” said Marlee. “She asked me if I had tried Super Shakes and assured me that I wouldn’t be disappointed. The rest is history; I’ve been addicted ever since.”

Local Triathlete Fuels with Super Shakes

“I’m not your typical triathlete and I don’t look like your typical triathlete; however, my whole goal is to show that anyone can accomplish goals like this no matter their shape or size,” said Elizabeth. ”Fear is a liar and you have to punch it in the face.”

How a Mother of 8 Eats Different with Super Shakes


“I stumbled upon Super Shakes by accident really. I saw the sign at the Crossgates location when I was at Newks one day and decided to go in out of curiosity,” said Diana Dees, a mother of 8 and longtime Super Shakes customer. “When I looked at the menu and all the yummy flavors I thought that there was no way this could be good for you.”


If you need some inspiration to carry you through the weekend, check out this week's blog post to read how Diana, a Brandon native, took her family on a health journey that resulted in 225 lbs of total family weight loss! 

3 Shakes to Celebrate National Better Breakfast Month All Year Long

It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it gives you a chance every morning to kick start your day and simultaneously reset your body. It’s also no secret that many of the most common breakfast options are filled with refined sugars and carbs. At Super Shakes, we’re here to Eat Different and inspire you to take the plunge as well.

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