Elizabeth Scott, a Brandon native, mother of twins, triathlete, and half ironman athlete knows firsthand that your body can only perform at an optimal level when you’re feeding it optimal ingredients. According to her, it all starts in the kitchen.


A longtime Super Shakes fanatic, Elizabeth has been a fan and customer since the very beginning. Now, years later, she enjoys spreading the word about Super Shakes to everyone she can, including her colleagues at Outsource Healthcare Solutions.


“Everyone here at the office loves Super Shakes now,” said Elizabeth. “We’ve got a lot of people with different dietary preferences and they’re always able to find a shake at Super Shakes that meets what they like.”


In just a week, Elizabeth will complete her first half ironman, which is a goal she’s been working towards for months.


“I’m not your typical triathlete and I don’t look like your typical triathlete; however, my whole goal is to show that anyone can accomplish goals like this no matter their shape or size,” said Elizabeth. ”Fear is a liar and you have to punch it in the face.”


For years during her quest for better health, Elizabeth felt misled by many products that were marketed to be healthy but were instead loaded with sugar and calories. When she began tracking her calories through an app, she recalled how it really clicked to see what all she was consuming blindly. She felt, in a way, lied to.


“With Super Shakes you know exactly what you’re getting; you know the calories, protein, sugar, and carb content. I feel like they are transparent in their ingredients and I resonate with that because that hasn’t always been the case with other smoothies and shakes I’ve tried at different businesses,” said Elizabeth. “Now, no matter the flavor shake I get, I don’t have to worry about what I’m putting into my body. I don’t have to think a second thought about it. It’s very freeing.”


Although she enjoys the cheesecake and peanut butter cup shakes, her go-to shake is the Super Trim Pina Colada Shake with fresh fruit added in. For her, Super Shakes helps to fill in the holes in her diet, whether that’s before or after a workout when she needs the protein or when she needs an extra energy boost throughout the day.


However, it isn’t just the healthy, delicious shakes that make her drive-thru Super Shakes day after day. Even though she says she can’t imagine ever getting a shake from anywhere else, she most loves the encouragement she gets from the Bible verses on the cups.


“You’re always greeted by a smiling face; everyone there is so nice and they’re just uplifting people,” said Elizabeth. “If I get a verse on my cup I’m unfamiliar with, I enjoylooking it up. There’s been far too many times to count that the verse that was written on my cup was exactly what I needed to hear that day.”


According to Elizabeth- for those who haven’t tried Super Shakes yet- when you have a great product there isn’t any convincing needed. She believes Super Shakes has created a product that speaks for itself.


“They don’t have to talk medical science or background to me because the product speaks for itself and that’s why people love Super Shakes and are excited to talk about it,” said Elizabeth. “The product just stands out. The people stand out. What else can I say?  I love Super Shakes!”




These are the real-life success stories of people who love Super Shakes. Super Shakes makes no medical claims.




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