On any given day, Brooke Gonseth, can be found doing a multitude of things. Brooke resides in Rankin County with her new husband, Kyle, and is also a student at Mississippi College. Between settling into newlywed life, going to and from classes, and spending time at the gym, it’s safe to say Brooke’s life these days is always moving at fast speed.


The fact that Brooke doesn’t have to slow down her on-the-go lifestyle to make healthy dietary choices is one of the main reasons she has been an adamant Super Shakes fan for almost five years now.


“I actually stumbled upon Super Shakes about five years ago when it was still known as Quick Quakes and was relatively new,” said Brooke. “I had a friend that told me about it and, after I tried it, it was just an instant hit for me. I even worked there part-time for about a year and a half.”


Although Brooke had to quit working at Super Shakes due to her increasing school load in college, her love for those delicious Super Shakes never waned.


“Not only has Super Shakes been a part of my healthy lifestyle, it’s been much more than that,” said Brooke. “Another one of the employees there who is a manager, Derek, was one of the groomsmen in our wedding this past December. We joke that we met our best friends at Super Shakes!”


An avid health enthusiast, Brooke enjoys working out and has always seen the value in fueling her body properly.


“Super Shakes works for me because it’s a delicious product but also a simple product. What I mean is that it is simple in the lack of unwanted ingredients,” said Brooke. “In each Super Shake I know exactly what I am getting and what I am not getting. It’s very transparent and the information is plainly laid out.”


Brooke went on to say that while she doesn’t count calories all the time, she is amazed at other shakes and smoothies on the market that are loaded with sprinkles and bites of cookies on top.


“Some people may not know that two tablespoons of sprinkles is like 40 grams of sugar if not more. Even thoughit looks pretty, it’s misleading because it can fool you in regards to the amount of sugar and calories you’re actually eating if those extra calories are not counted. I tell my friends that all the time,” said Brooke.


Due to previous health issues, Brooke has to eat gluten free the majority of the time, and she likes that Super Shakes aligns with that.  You can find her at Super Shakes enjoying her favorite shake, the Super Fit formula with the sugar wafer flavoring two or three times a week. She even says her husband likes it when she brings him one, too.


“For me, I’ll get out of school, go to the gym, grab a Super Shake on the way out and then head to the grocery store,” said Brooke. “I don’t have to sit down and eat a sandwich; I am able to sip a shake on the go and that just works for me in this stage of my life. It doesn’t hurt that they taste really good, too.”




These are the real-life success stories of people who love Super Shakes. Super Shakes makes no medical claims


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