It’s an hour after your workout and you’re walking out ofthe gym doors with sweaty clothes, wobbly arms and legs, and, likely, in need of a push of energy and hydration. If you are no stranger to the gym, you know exactly the feeling we are talking about.

While exercising can leave you feeling reinvigorated, it can also leave your body feeling depleted unless you properly refuel and rehydrate it.

Properly refueling your body after finishing a workout is essential in helping your body recover and, ultimately, get you the physical results that you want. When we refuel our bodies post- workout, we help decrease inflammation, balance cortisol levels, build muscle, and repair tissue. In theory, the breaking down and building up that comes when we exercise works together to help retrain and remodel our bodies.

However, as any athlete will tell you, what we put into our bodies can either support or undo all that work. If we don’t refuel properly, our bodies don’t have the nutrition they need to rebuild effectively. Worse, if we refuel incorrectly, we could be consuming many of the same calories we just worked so hard to burn off.

Just hang out at a gym for a period of time and you can see a variety of post recovery beverages and snacks consumed by a variety of people. Often times, products can be marketed as healthy and adorned with pretty colors, cleverly-worded labels, and false claims.  Even many competitor smoothies and shakes are marketed as healthy but contain just as many calories and sugar, if not more than, an hour at the gym can burn.

When you have just put in the time and effort to work out, there is nothing worse than unknowingly consuming beverages or products that undo your efforts. Who has the time, money or patience for that? Not us!

That’s where Super Shakes is different. Each of our Super Shakes contain low to no sugar, few calories, and a lot of high-quality protein. Did we mention that they are also incredibly delicious and filling? On top of that, we even created a protein formula called Super Fuel that is specifically crafted to help your body recover post workout.

After every workout, a scrumptious Super Fuel Super Shake replenishes your body quickly with an abundant supply of powerful ingredients - including Whey Protein, Glutamine Peptides and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) - that boost muscle protein synthesis for more effective repair and recovery.

Instead of undoing your workout, rethink how you recharge and let Super Shakes help you along the way! Trust us, Fitness Never Tasted So Good!




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