Diana Dees, a Brandon native, Super Shakes enthusiast, mother of 5, and stepmother of 3, has lost 76 pounds in the last three years after dramatically changing the way she and her family eats.


It all started when she was pregnant with her 5th child and developed gestational diabetes. Because of this, she was put on a low carb diet and began to see her body change. Before she was pregnant, Diana was 250 pounds. By the time she delivered, she was 217. But it wasn’t just the weight loss that she was excited about, Diana could tell a difference in how she felt. She then decided to continue her low carb lifestyle and hasn’t looked back. Now, two years later, Diana has maintained her weight loss through her low carb lifestyle and commitment to cut out sugar.


However, Diana will be the first to tell you that she still wants to eat delicious foods except now she just works to alternate some of the bad stuff for healthier alternatives. Her favorite healthy alternative is Super Shakes!


“I stumbled upon Super Shakes by accident really. I saw the sign at the Crossgates location when I was at Newks one day and decided to go in out of curiosity,” said Diana. “When I looked at the menu and all the yummy flavors I thought that there was no way this could be good for you.”


Luckily for Diana, she was happily proved wrong. As she spoke, she talked about how there are many shake and smoothie imitators out there who claim to make good for you products that are actually full of carbs and sugar. This has made her love Super Shakes even more because it fits with her high protein, low carb, and little (if any) sugar lifestyle while also tasting great.


“I love the Super Fit Caramel Cake shake with an added scoop of peanut butter and also the Super Fit Cinnamon Toast Crunch shake,” said Diana. “It’s my alternative to unhealthier shakes or desserts when I have a sweet tooth and am just craving some type of comfort food. This comfort food is actually good for me. It’s crazy; I love it.”


In addition to her shakes, Diana also loves that she can buy containers of the mix and make shakes at home when she isn’t in town. Her go-to container is Super Trim Vanilla, and Diana loves it so much that she typically goes through one or two containers a month.


It’s not just Diana who decided to Eat Different and changeher health for the better, she’s also helped to revolutionize the way her family eats as a whole. Between all the members of her family, they’ve lost over 225 pounds.


“I used to have to shop in the XL section; I was a size 18 and now I’m a size 8,” said Diana. “I haven’t been a size 8 since 9th grade.  When I look at old videos of me with my children when they were younger, I was so out of breath and tired. I’m different now because I’m healthier; I’m a better me. I have Super Shakes to help thank for that.




These are the real-life success stories of people who love Super Shakes. Super Shakes makes no medical claims.





Posted 03 October 2018 at 17:47 by Pat Lyle Newman

This can work for you too readers. Great healthy stuff for me it satisfies my sweet tooth and it’s healthy and filling. You won’t regret it!!👍👍🤗🤗👌👌

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