Chocolate Junkie Turned Super Shakes Fanatic


TJ Hall will be the first to tell you that he is a die-hard chocolate junkie by nature.


“What can I say? I’ve always loved chocolate, and I’ve had my fair share of Milky Way and Twix bars throughout the years,” said TJ. “But, after you turn about 45 or 50, things change and you can’t eat the same stuff you used to.”


About five years ago at almost 280 pounds, TJ found himself in an unwelcome place when he heard a doctor say that his gallbladder was in such bad shape that it would need to be removed if he didn’t make some changes.  In addition to this, he was also anemic at the time.


“I’ve always struggled with digestive issues throughout my life. There was just so many things I couldn’t eat because I couldn’t handle it,” said TJ. “I was having so many problems and it wasn’t uncommon for me to end up in the bathroom 6 or 7 times a day. It was a terrible; I was a prisoner in my own body.”


Within 5 or 6 months of the original Super Shakes drive-thru opening on Old Fannin road, TJ decided to try it out. He was instantly impressed by the flavor but didn’t know if this would be yet another thing that would give him the all too familiar digestive pain.


To his amazement, this wasn’t the case.


“I started drinking these shakes and they just gel with my body. I don’t know the science behind what all is in them and how they are good for you, but I do know how I feel – or better yet how I didn’t - after eating them,” said TJ. “I noticed a change pretty much right away and within 4 months of making these dietary changes and eating my shakes, I was down almost 40 pounds.”


Now, over 5 years later, TJ is still hooked on Super Shakes and enjoys his Dutch Chocolate Super Meal Super Shake twice a day. While Super Shakes was able to help TJ initially lose, and now maintain, his weight throughout the years, he found that he didn’t have to give up his love for chocolate along the way.


“Now, instead of eating a candy bar, I can have a shake. I am a believer that eating healthy doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. These shakes are my daily treat,” said TJ. “When I wake up in the morning, next to showering, the shakes are the first part of my day. It has become a routine for me, and it resets my system every day.”


Because of his job on the road, TJ finds himself dividing his time between Florida and Mississippi. In order to still get his Super Shakes fix during the weeks he’s away, TJ takes advantage of the option to buy a container of the Super Shakes Super Meal mix so that he can blend his own shakes each morning.


“Being able to buy the containers were a game-changer for me because I’m able to blend my own shakes each morning when I’m not in the area. They know me so well that they even add in oatmeal to the blend, and it’s great that you are able to customize your blend,” said TJ. “I’m big on texture and I don’t like a grainy shake, which is what sets Super Shakes apart in my opinion. I’ve tried other blends before and they just aren’t the same quality product.”


Now, TJ is healthy, happy, and loves to tell others about the impact Super Shakes has made on his life.


“I think I would tell people just to try it. It is possible to get full by replacing your meal with a shake that honestly makes you feel like you’re having dessert instead,” said TJ. “I hear all the time how I look different, and I like that, but I know that I feel different as well. That’s been the main thing for me.”




These are the real-life success stories of people who love Super Shakes. Super Shakes makes no medical claims.



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