“First off, before we get going, don’t make me sound like acornball,” said Danny. “I’m a redneck from Mississippi but make me sound better than that.”


It took about 3 seconds at the very beginning of ourinterview to know that Danny would be the source of a great conversation. In true Danny fashion, he didn’t disappoint. Far from being only a redneck from Mississippi, Danny is such a nice guy with an incredible story.


Danny’s health journey began in March of 2018 and, since then, he’s lost over 92 pounds; only a couple pounds shy from reaching his Christmas goal of 100 pounds of weight loss. Sounds incredible, right? That’s because it truly is.


“I don’t like just saying that this has been a weight loss journey or diet for me because if you only try to lose weight to get healthy, without caring about a healthier lifestyle or what you put into your body, you’ll just gain it all back,” said Danny. “I had tried different diets before but they don’t really work. What works is creating a healthy lifestyle and that is what I have done differently this time around.”


As an entrepreneur and Madison County resident, Danny spends his workdays on the go and felt like the best way for him to start a new healthy lifestyle was to pick a small change he could commit to each day. For him, that came when his wife first tried Super Shakes about 3 weeks into his journey.


“My wife came home about three weeks into my healthy lifestyle journey and told me that she found a place I would love and that they serve shakes that can be meal replacements,” said Danny. “I tried it out the next day at their Township location in Ridgeland and I fell in love with it. It was the perfect match for me.”


After that initial visit, Danny began frequenting Super Shakes each day at lunch for a meal replacement shake. Because, eating can be such a social endeavor, especially in the South, Danny wanted to pick a meal that he knew he wouldn’t miss substituting. After all, he was on the go so much at lunch that he wasn’t missing time with his family or friends at the dinner table regardless. According to him, that one simple decision has been significant in his health journey.


“I started drinking a 32-ounce Super Fit Super Shake five or six times a week for lunch as a meal replacement and I was shocked at how it truly kept me feeling satisfied,” said Danny. “I knew that if I started out with all these different things to do at one time it would be harder for me, so I picked one thing I knew I could stick with. Just cutting out those additional lunch calories has been significant when you look at the course of a day, a week, or even a month,and I’ve never felt deprived because of it.”


Danny is quick to say that he enjoys food- all food. After all, the South and good food is oftentimes synonymous. However, at 54-years-old, he found that is much harder to correct years of unhealthy choices.


“Weight issues are self-inflicted most of the time because we are in the South and we love to eat,” said Danny. “In the South it is different because the portions aren’t accurate. We eat and we don’t stop eating until we get too full and that is too late; we have to stop when we are satisfied but we aren’t taught to do that.”


Although the confidence in which he speaks makes it sound like his health journey has been easy, he will be the first to say that it hasn’t been. 10 months after he began, Danny now feels like he’s in a rhythm, but according to him, it took time for his body and stomach to adjust to this new way of eating.


“It was weird at first when I would start drinking the Super Shakes because I didn’t get that stuffed feeling that I was used to; I wasn’t hungry but it did take time for me to learn to listen to my body and for my stomach to shrink,” said Danny. “Now it doesn’t take as much for me to get full because my stomach isn’t used to consuming such large portions of food. It is amazing how your body will change if you allow it to do so.”


While Danny is on track to meet his weight loss goals in January, he is committed to maintaining his new healthy lifestyle after and continuing to replace lunch with his signature 32-ounce Super Fit Super Shake. While the size and formula stays the same, he likes to change up the flavors he orders to match the seasons.


“I get all the fruity shakes and flavors in the spring and summer and in the fall and winter I like the peanut butters, chocolates, and caramel flavors,” said Danny. “I don’t do a strawberry or banana in the middle of January. That feels weird.”


At the end of the day, Danny is proud of himself and the goals he has accomplished. He is grateful to Super Shakes for supplying a product that made his journey enjoyable.


“I came to a point in my life where I made a decision for the betterment of myself, my wife, my family, and my friends to get healthy and stay healthy for as long as I can,” said Danny. “Super Shakes has been a big part of that and I’m very loyal to them. I tell everybody about them.”




These are the real-life success stories of people who love Super Shakes. Super Shakes makes no medical claims


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