Reservoir area native, Brandie Little, has been a Super Shakes supporter for 9 years now.


“I used to live near Old Fannin and around that area fast food is prevalent; you don’t have to drive far to find an unhealthy option,” said Brandie. “When I found Super Shakes, I had very young children at the time – one was around 2-years-old and one was a baby - and they would sleep in the car seat often.”


When her young children fell asleep in the car seat, as many moms know all too well, Brandie would keep driving around in order for them to nap. This led her to the original Super Shakes drive-thru on Old Fannin, which is where a part of her Super Shakes story begins.


“When I was younger, I was bigger and I got picked on a some. I developed a love to run and that helped me keep the weight off as I got older,” said Brandie. “I loved it so much that I would run miles and miles before I realized that I needed to turn around and run back home.”


However, after the birth of her second child Brandie developed some severe joint issues that resulted in her being unable to continue running. Thus she found herself in a predicament where she now had two young children, was busier than ever, and unable to do the physical exercise she loved so much. After she stopped running, she began to put the weight back on.


“One day as I was driving around and my kids were sleeping in the back, I just realized this wasn’t right and I needed to get back to being healthy again, even though I couldn’t run anymore,” said Brandie. “I always felt the best when I was physically active, but I never had to pay attention to what I ate because of all the cardio that came with running. When I couldn’t run anymore, I started to pay more attention to what I was consuming.”


After each Super Shake, Brandie began to feel healthier and look for ways to also increase her physical activity. As her kids grew older and began taking Taekwondo lessons, Brandie became intrigued.


“Four years ago my boys, who are now 12 and 9-years-old, began taking lessons and I saw that they had adult classes so I joined,” said Brandie. “After every workout on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings, I go and get a Super Shake and have done that for years.”


As a lover of sweet and salty flavor combinations, Butterfinger is her go-to flavor. However, Brandie insists that if Super Shakes ever created a bacon and egg flavor it would become her new favorite.


“After my workouts, I need something with protein and it is like my body has become addicted to drinking a Super Shake after,” said Brandie, “I’m big on researching ingredients and, from what I have personally found, they are the healthiest shakes on the market. I’ll tell anyone that.”


Recently, Brandie earned her black belt and is feeling better than ever. She continues to practice Taekwondo multiple times a week and fuel up with Super Shakes after. Today,she has turned her husband and kids into Super Shake fans as well.


Thank you for supporting Super Shakes, Brandie! You inspire us!




These are the real-life success stories of people who love Super Shakes. Super Shakes makes no medical claims.



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