If you’re new to the Super Shakes Eat Different blog, welcome! There are many posts on our blog – success stories, at-home recipes, and more - so feel free to explore. If you’re a regular reader, welcome back! We are thrilled to have you walk alongside all of us at Super Shakes as we encourage each other to Eat Different each day and make better food choices.


A few weeks ago, in celebration of Super Shakes’ upcoming 9thanniversary, we blogged about five Super Shakes FAQs that help to tell a little bit more about the Super Shakes product, how it was started, the nutritional content of the Super Shakes, and also a little bit of the heart behind it all. Last week’s blog post delved into what Super Shakes IS, and this week, to complete the series, we want to tell you a little bit on what Super Shakes IS NOT.


1. Super Shakes is not made of low-quality ingredients.

We explained a little bit last week about how the only protein that is used in all of the Super Shakes, as well as in the container mixes, is 100% whey protein isolate that has been cross-flow and micro-filtered. Whey protein isolate is considered a “complete” source of protein because it is highly digestible and absorbed quickly inside the body, and it also contains all nine of the essential amino acids that our bodies aren’t capable of making on it’s own. Y’all, can we just say that 100% whey protein isolate isn’t cheap? There’s an array of research that supports the fact that 100% whey protein isolate is the best form of protein powder for your body, but that comes with a price.


Many shakes and smoothie competitors use different forms of lower quality protein powders because it makes more sense financially. However, we’ve said it before and we will say it again, we only feed our customers what we would feed our families or ourselves. We are passionate about the protein source we use because we know it’s the very best. And, that’s something money can’t buy.


2. Super Shakes is not based on fads or false claims.

You will never hear anyone at Super Shakes make the claim that if you drink one of our Super Shakes you will drop 10 pounds in the store right there. See how silly that sounds? Go ahead and laugh! However, claims like that are made every day to consumers regarding competitorproducts, and all it does is serve up false hope with a colorful straw. While many of our customers who drink Super Shakes regularly in replacement of unhealthier options find that they DO lose weight and DO feel better overall, we believe that a healthy life isn’t measured simply by what’s on the scale. We want to help you achieve whatever health goal you may have, and we do this buy customizing our shakes and containers to fit your designated needs.


Did we mention our founder and one of the two Super Shakes owners is a registered dietitian who has spent his career writing meal plans that encourage and support individualized health goals? He used his science-based expertise to create completely original Super Shakesformulas that are not replicated in any other studio. The nutritional formulas that comprise our Super Shakes are unique and designed to support our body’s health and growth through feeding it optimal ingredients. Super Shakes is not based on fads because it was not built on fads. We want to stand the test of time!


3. Super Shakes is not a one-man operation.

Have you heard the old adage that it takes a village to raise a child? The same thing is true in business in that it takes a team to make a business successful. Super Shakes is a community - the culmination of a team of integral players that each serve in specific roles. It takes all of us - our baristas, managers, owners, accountants, freelancers, Sammy, and all of the customers who support Super Shakes each day - to make the Super Shakes dream a reality.


It’s not uncommon to see the owners outside cleaning windows or running to Kroger to grab bananas if one of the stores ran out unexpectedly. If you’ve seen the large Super Shakes truck around town, you’ve seen Derek, one of our managers. Jessica, one of our Township store employees, has a smile that is contagious. Rhianna, one of our Old Fannin store employees, is awesome at customer service. There are too many examples for us to list of all of the people we are proud to call a part of the Super Shakes team. It takes a community of people working together to make Super Shakes a reality. We are soccer moms and dads, employees, musicians, vacation junkies, fitness enthusiasts, students, and neighbors. We are people just like you.


If you’re not a part of our Super Shakes community, join us! We can’t wait to serve you.



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