On March 26, 2018, Chris Brown, who resides in Brandon with his family, decided it was time to make a change.


At 560 pounds and in daily pain, Chris was no stranger to being overweight and it’s devastating effects on his body.


I’ve always been large for as long as I can remember, really,” said Chris. “I can remember getting weighed in the fourth grade and being told that I was the fattest kid in fourth grade when the scales showed 187 pounds.”


Although Chris has this vibrant personality and contagious zest for life, he will admit that it wasn’t always that way. Though he’s been dubbed “the funny guy” throughout the years in his personal and professional life, he talked about how he used jokes to mask how he really felt.


“I’ve always been someone to say a joke and be the funny guy but it was really to hide the pain,” said Chris. “Sure I was funny, but inwardly I wasn’t joyful. I had to hobble to get to a bathroom that was 15 feet away and I had gotten to a point in my life where I could hardly stand. I knew something had to change.”


Chris began working out at a local gym five or six days a week, cutting out carbs, and replacing his dinner meal with a Super Shake. Before long, everyone in Chris’ home- his wife, son, and daughter - got on board and also began working out and replacing their dinner meal with a Super Shake.


“We bought containers of the Super Shakes Meal Replacement powder in both the Orange Dreamsicle and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors and we each began drinking a shake at night instead of eating our normal heavy dinners,” said Chris. “Sometimes we’d add an extra peanut butter scoop for added protein or a tablespoon of coconut oil for extra healthy fat, but those Super Shakes became our new routine.”


Chris’ wife, who was also overweight and suffered from additional health problems, began to see a huge change in her health as well. Today, she has lost over 40 pounds and gotten off of her diabetic insulin pens and blood pressure medication. In addition to this, Chris’ daughter lost over 40 pounds and his son lost 35 pounds.

“Not only were we all seeing results and feeling better but, believe it or not, we really cut down on our grocery budget by all of us replacing Super Shakes with that one meal for two months, which was our initial goal,” said Chris. “Now, we plan to continue doing it.”


On September 26, just six months after he began his new healthy lifestyle journey, Chris had lost 100 pounds and weighed in at 460. From September 29 to December 31, Chris participated in a biggest loser competition at a local gym and lost an additional 48 pounds. His next goal is to make it to March 26 – one year from his start date- and have lost a total of 200 pounds. After that, he is aiming to be at 350 pounds by Memorial Day.


“I know I’m talking a lot about the weight loss but really the biggest difference came in how I’ve felt after I’ve shed that weight,” said Chris. “It’s like my body is thanking me. I move better; I feel younger and more energetic. It’s given me control back on my life and I don’t want to stop until I meet my goals because I know that I can do it.”


According to Chris, one of his breakthrough moments came when he saw a quote that said, “You are not fat; you have fat. Anything that you have can be lost.”


“Of course there are days that you’ll get discouraged; I’m the guy with some beef who is going to tell you how it’s really going to be,” said Chris. “It’s not easy, but once you start and see the difference in how you feel and realize that you could’ve felt like that years ago, it gives you motivation to keep going. If I can do it, anybody can.”


After beginning at 560 pounds, Chris is quick to say that what he and his family have been doing is not a diet. Instead, it is a change of life.


“A diet is when you need to lose 10 pounds before a wedding in two months. Where I was at was that I needed to think long-term; I needed to change my life, said Chris. “Not only have I changed mine, I’ve helped to change my family’s health and lives as well. Super Shakes has played a role in that and it doesn’t hurt to leave with a Bible verse either.”




These are the real-life success stories of people who love Super Shakes. Super Shakes makes no medical claims.





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