As a single mother, full-time marketing specialist for Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, craft enthusiast, and social butterfly, Marlee Price has been known to wear a lot of different hats on a daily basis. Always wearing a smile, Marlee is one of the most joyful, contagious people we know. Luckily for us, she also adores Super Shakes!


“I stumbled upon Super Shakes a year ago when my best friend knew that I was in search of a meal replacement shake that didn’t taste so ‘proteiny,’ although I don’t know if that’s even a word,” said Marlee. “She asked me if I had tried Super Shakes and assured me that I wouldn’t be disappointed. The rest is history; I’ve been addicted ever since.”


Since that initial visit, Marlee has come back time and time again for her go-to shake, the Super Meal Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup with a scoop of added peanut butter. Although she admitted that she has strayed from time to time to experiment with other flavors, she always returns to the chocolate peanut butter cup flavor. According to her, it is hands down her favorite. Lately, to add a little crunch to her shake, she has enjoyed the option to add granola.


“It’s hard to find a shake that tastes like it shouldn’t be healthy but IS. At any other nutrition studio I’ve tried, and that’s been a few, the shakes have had a chalky, protein aftertaste that seems to mask any other flavor they’ve added,” said Marlee. “Super Shakes tastes like I’m treating myself so it’s something I really enjoy.”


Marlee spoke a little about how maintaining control over her metabolism has been a challenge in her thirties. Like all of us, our metabolisms aren’t what they used to be years ago, which is why it is so important to feed our bodies the nutrition it needs to thrive optimally.


“I still want to claim the term ‘baby weight’ even though my son is 9! Ha! But, let’s be real, my metabolism isn’t what it used to be, and I like very little ‘healthy’ foods to be honest,” said Marlee. “They say nutrition is 80% what you eat, so I knew I needed to make a change.”


After Marlee began working out at OrangeTheory, she began to pay even more attention to what she was consuming. As someone who is on the go a lot, the convenience of the Super Shakes drive-thru at the Brandon location, which is the one she frequents, is important to her. According to Marlee, after she finishes a workout at OrangeTheory, she appreciates the Super Shakes drive-thru even more because she doesn’t have to use her burning legs to walk inside.


Although the taste and convenience of Super Shakes are the initial reasons that Marlee became a Super Shakes advocate, she also loves how the Bible verses on the cups of each shake have encouraged her.


“On one particular day, Psalms 91:4 was written on the cup of my shake and it was specifically the verse I needed because I had been experiencing some tremendous turmoil in my personal life and suffering from severe anxiety and the weight of worry,” said Marlee. “My natural instinct is to control a situation but Psalms 91:4 reminded me that if I just place myself under the protection of the Lord I will find my peace.


Marlee, who has dabbled in selling her own crafts and painted décor throughout the years, is also an advocate for supporting small businesses.


“I believe small businesses like Super Shakes impact the communities where they live. They don’t have to please a CEO in a downtown, high-rise building or meet some corporate quote; many small businesses invest heavily in their communities,” said Marlee. “The way Super Shakes serves their customers on a person-by-person basis is a kind of customer service you don’t find just everywhere.”


At the end of the day, while Marlee strives to meet her own health goals, she also wants to serve as a good role model to her son and is conscious of how he watches her on a daily basis.  She is thankful for how Super Shakes helps her fill in the nutrition gaps in her diet in a delicious, convenient way.


What can we say? To know Marlee is to love her. Marlee, we are thankful that you support Super Shakes and have allowed us to tell a part of your story!




These are the real-life success stories of people who love Super Shakes. Super Shakes makes no medical claims.







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