As Super Shakes gears up to celebrate our 9th year in business that is approaching in November, we have begun to reflect a bit on how we started, where we have come from, and where we are going in the future. Even after 8 years in business, we are consistently excited and proud to continue on in our journey to educate our customers and consumers on ways they can Eat Different and best feed their body amidst a busy, constantly on-the-go lifestyle.


With our 9th year anniversary just a couple of weeks away, we wanted to take a chance to answer five Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that may help to tell each of you a little bit more about who we are as a company, what values we have, and what we are promoting through our product. We want to tell you what Super Shakes IS!


1. Where did Super Shakes come from?

Super Shakes was started in 2009 by a registered dietitian who had a career that caused him to spend a lot of time on the road going from one institution to the next creating healthy meal plans for patients. Although he had spent his career writing meal plans for others to best feed their bodies in a healthy way, he found that it was hard to eat healthy himself because all of the unhealthy fast food and drive-thru options on the road. This idea led him to his own kitchen where he began to utilize his dietetics knowledge and craft original recipes for healthy shakes that would be healthy, high protein, zero sugar, low calorie, and could be eaten on the go. Thus, Super Shakes was formed.


2. What makes Super Shakes any different from a shake you can get at a fast food joint?

This is something we feel is always important to address because the term shake can look different for so many people. For some, it means a milkshake that tastes good, but is loaded in sugars, high in fat, and contains a lot of calories. A Super Shake is the exact opposite. A Super Shake tastes good and also made of high-quality, healthy ingredients that’s meant to feed your taste buds and your body. A Super Shake is something you can feel good about eating and feeding your family.


3. What’s in a Super Shake?

There are 9 different formulas in the Super Shakes line: Super Trim, Super Fit, Super Calm, Super Meal, Super Fuel, Super Power, Super Charge, Super Sleep and Super Gain. Although the specific ingredients, calorie content, and protein content is different for each formula, the majority of our Super Shakes contain no sugar, over 20 grams of protein, and are around 100 calories. We are not a marketing gimic that presents misleading health information in regards to what we put into our products to make them appear healthy just to sell something. All of the nutritional content for all of the Super Shakes we serve is 100% transparent and posted on our website under the “Nutritionals” tab. We believe in transparency and we want you to feel confident with putting our Super Shakes into your body because you know with full disclosure what it is that you are actually consuming.


4. Why is there a Bible verse on my cup?

When you buy one of our Super Shakes, you’ll find a handwritten Bible verse on the outside of your cup. While we’d love to take credit for the idea, the truth is that it organically originated from one of our employees and is something we’ve carried on because it aligns with our values and what is important to us as a business. We believe physical health, mental health, and spiritual health all work together, and it’s our way to encourage our customers, whether they ever look up the Bible verse or not. It is important to us that our customers feel confident that they are supporting a local business that runs on integrity; one that cares about what you’re feeding your body and also what you’re feeding your mind.


5. What source of protein do you use for your shakes?

In every Super Shake, as well as in all the container mixes, we use 100% whey protein isolate that has been cross-flow and micro-filtered. Whey protein isolate is a highly digestible milk-derived protein that contains all 9 of the essential amino acids that our bodies can’t make on it’s own. In fact, that’s why whey protein isolate is considered a “complete” source of protein.


Whey protein isolate is a low-fat, low-carb, protein that is absorbed fast within our bodies. There are many competitor businesses that sell protein shakes that are not used with 100% whey protein isolate for the very simple reason that it is not the most cost effective protein. 100% whey protein isolate is expensive because of it’s very high quality. In fact, if we were just concerned about the money at Super Shakes, we wouldn’t use 100% whey protein isolate. However, we do, and we will continue to do so. We truly believe what we offer is Nutrition At Its Best, and we wouldn’t feed our customers any different than what we would feed our own families or ourselves.



Now that you know a little bit more about what Super Shakes IS, stay tuned for next week’s blog post to find out what Super Shakes IS NOT.


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